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In a town where his father brainwashes everyone, Oscar Banks has found a way to secretly fight the subliminal Messages that turn even the most troubled kids into model citizens. On the outside, he's the perfect Candor teen, and no one knows that he's built an entire business around helping new kids escape before the Messages take hold.

But then Nia Silva moves to town, and Oscar thinks she's perfect exactly the way she is. Soon he must make a choice: let Nia be lost to the brainwashing, or help her stay special and risk himself in the process.


Ruby dreams of escaping the Congregation. Escape from slaver Darwin West and his cruel Overseers. Escape from the backbreaking work of gathering Water. Escape from living as if it is still 1812, the year they were all enslaved. 

When Ruby meets Ford--a kind new Overseer--she longs to run away with him to the modern world. 

But if she leaves, her community is condemned to certain death. It is her blood that makes the Water so special--and it's the one thing that the Congregation cannot live without.

Drought is the haunting story of one community’s thirst for life, and the dangerous struggle of the only girl who can grant it.

"A compelling story that quickly becomes a page-turner. Be prepared for a chilling ending." -Publishers Weekly

"Gripping debut novel...this is a book that stays with you long after the final page." -Shelf Awareness

"A complex, provocative exploration of loyalty, community, family, and belief." - Publishers Weekly

"Bachorz uses this dystopian premise to explore powerful themes of faith and loyalty, freedom and slavery... [a] brooding, thought-provoking story."


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