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Little Dude's picks for picture books, on World Read-Aloud Day

So Twitter shook me awake this morning and informed me that no, it's not just Wednesday and make-Swedish-pancakes day and A-New-Top-Chef-Is-On-Day. No! It's World Read-Aloud Day!

How cool is that?

In honor of the day I asked Little Dude to suggest six books--one for each year we've been reading to him--that other kids his age would love to have read to them.

Yeah I'd like to pretend he picked the Caldecott winners that we stuff on his shelves every year. But none of his picks surprised me--"boy" stories through and through and each with a hero he can look up to.

But who cares? I'd read cereal boxes out loud to him (in fact, I have) if it keeps him engaged in reading.

1. Chris Barton's SHARK VS. TRAIN

2.  Any new issue of the magazine Lego Club, Jr. although he says he doesn't understand the Bionicles comic insert one bit. That's good because I can barely read the tiny font! (Or maybe I'm reading the entirely wrong words and that's why he's confused)...

3. Any issue of National Geographic Kids magazine. Current favorite article right now, which we've read at least five times, is about a humpback whale saving a seal from a pod of hungry killer whales. 

4. Any Star Wars story. 

5. Melinda Long and David Shannon's PIRATES DON'T CHANGE DIAPERS (we like to read the pirate voices in a high-pitched sort of squeal)

6. TOY STORY (we have the Little Golden Book). I was happy to hear this, since I thought Luke and Yoda had completely pushed Woody and Buzz off the pedestal. 


Happy World Read-Aloud Day, all!

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Where is Winter's Tale???

March 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPatty B.

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